How To Order Your Cakes

How To Order Your Cakes

Ordering A cake can be both time consuming and involve quite a bit of different ideas which can be confusing as like most people it’s all about getting as much as possible within a design at the same time as trying to keep the cost down.

So the first thing to know about ordering a cake is understanding where to begin and how to go about it in the simplist way possible as well as understanding what to look for and why.

The biggest mistake people make is finding a design they like online of a cake which was created for 100 people and want the same design for a party of 10 or so people and that’s where all the questions begin because they didn’t expect that the same design count to be done on such a smaller cake. Then as always there comes the cost and that can shock many people and usually causes then to either change their design or even downsize even more.

Here we are going to provide you with tips to help you find what your looking for and attempt to help you understand what to expect when searching for a design online. Having said that, one of the first things to keep in mind is when you’re looking for a cake design online that was made by someone else other than where you’re ordering your cake then you need to understand that the design won’t look exactly the same, although the greatest effort will be made to make it look the same as 2 chefs don’t have the same hands, capabilities or experience nor even the same eye for detail.

Ok lets start!

First step; is to look online either on our website at , Facebook or go on the internet. Pick 2 or 3 options which will please your needs, and you can even pick bits and peices from 2 or 3 cakes to incorperate onto your decoration. Whilst looking work out how many people your wanting this cake for, this helps determine the size of your cake.

Keep in mind when looking for a design that the cost of many cakes is in the detail/work involved in the design, the more detail the more it will cost you no matter what the size, although sometimes when dealing with very small it’s more time consuming and costs more to make.

Also now how your going to store this cake as many make the mistake of ordering big cakes which need Refrigeration and end up having no room to put it in.

Second Step; visit our shop which is the best option when it comes to custom cakes as it’s not easy to see what your thinking and we can’t show you or explain properly what will suit you best.

The questions you will be asked to begin with before we can begin to price your cake is as follows

1- When is for?

2- How many people is it for?

3- what type of cake are you wanting

Keep in mind on this question that some styles of cakes will not handle some types of fillings at all, especially when it comes to tall and tiered cakes.

4- Then comes the cover of the cake.

5- Now comes the design and that’s where it starts to get costly depending on what your after.

Here at Oh La La Patisserie we work with you to help keep the cost down as much as we can thus why we are cheaper than most other places and in some cases by a lot. We beleive that special occassion should be more about you over us making an excess amount of money.

Another factor to keep in mind is that in todays present situation cost of ingredients continously go up almost on a monthly bases at the moment which we absorb most of it which cuts into our profit which is very low and getting lower all the time.

We hope that this helps you better understand the ordering process required to make your special occassion even more special and that Ohlala becomes a household name for all your occassions.

Don’t forget that buying cakes through our website and referring friends to our website brings you great rewards not offered in our store at the moment.


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