YES! We Make Coffee

YES! We Make Coffee

YES! We Make Coffee

We started making coffee about a year ago using Seven Miles Coffee, which offers superior blends roasted to perfection.

Tazzina Café is the classic espresso. A blend of arabica & robusta coffees deliver a malty, caramel sweetness with a deep, long-lasting crema.

With milk, the full-body of this blend maintains its strength and sweetness.

With our own Oh La La Patisserie Chef who has been a Barista for 30yrs as well as being an avid coffee drinker you can be sure we don’t skimp on price or quality, as we offer you a taste of coffee that excels in flavour and strength along with our special unhomogenised Full Cream milk, which is more creamy and pure than the everyday pasteurized milk used by most cafe’s.

Ask for a Coffee Loyalty Card which gives you 1 FREE coffee every 5th cup you purchase, yes I said cup not every 5th day, this means you could come in with 5 friends and purchase 5 coffee’s paid on the same card for a FREE coffee. This offer does not work for 5 individual purchases, they must be on the same transaction per order.


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