As we are a multicultral patisserie with means we try to cater for everyone as much as we can thus using Halal products has become necessary in todays world.

But Halal people do need to understand that there are a vast varity of people with different cultures and backgrounds as well as those who are not Halal.

Catering for Halal means we don’t there is no alcohol in products and only vegetable margarines, ingredients and gelatine is used which all come from Hala certified suppliers. NOTE; {We are NOT Halal Certified ourselves}, but our products are.

Although we do use bacon and other none Halal products within our kitchen which caters for those who are not within these cultures we do respect these requirements during our work and make sure we do not contaminate other products to insure the purity of each product.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


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