Building your own cake here can be great fun as you get to choose from a wide variety of options based on the type of cake you choose.

When choosing your cake think about who the cake is for such as adults or kids, the size as not everyone eats cake, fillings according to people likes and decoration options based on gender.

All Build Your Own Cake orders need to be ordered and paid for in full no less than 1 week in advance. If you are not sure about this process and would still like your own style cake then we advise you to visit us at our Campbelltown store and oder your cake directly by talking to one of our staff members. All prices include labour

Things to Keep In Mind when creating your cake.

Mud Cakes; are rich and heavy cakes where chocolate is the main focus/ingredient which means in general most people will only eat a smaller piece.

Sponge Cakes; are most commonly used and come with different fillings such as creams and custards with additions like canned or fresh fruits. These cakes are generally lighter and people will eat larger pieces than mud cakes.

Custard; Custard is a heavy but smooth style filling which can be flavoured and used with many options.

Fresh Cream; Is most commonly used for most cakes as a filling and covering. It is off white/light-yellow in colour which makes coloring difficult as the natural yellowey sapect of the cream affects/changes the outcome of any colour you add to it. It’s also heavier than None Dairy Cream.

None Dairy Cream; Also known as Imitation Cream which is lighter than fresh Cream but also a none dairy product which is widely used as it is pure white in colour and can be used in all aspects of cake decoration such as filling, decoration, deep/strong colours and more.

Chantilly Cream; Is not as heavy as fresh cream thus a much fluffier and lighter cream and is also lighter in colour. It is a dairy product.

Options; Some/most options when going down the list of requirements to build your cake will have an (*) which means they are REQUIRED and other choices will not be required. These are in place to insure that by the time you have finished building your cake that you get a nice and fully decorated cake which you can be proud of.

Steps On How To Create Your Cake

  1. First choose what type of cake you would like
  2. Then the filling for that cake. Options are based on the cake you choose.
  3. Covering colour/type based on the chosen cake
  4. Decoration style such as additional add-on’s such as strawberries, flowers, choc decorations, fruit etc
  5. Writing on the cake. be sure to double check the spelling as some names come with many variations of spellings which is why we write/spell it the way you write in down.


Building your own cake means our chefs need to spend more/extra time making it as being a custom cake requires more attention than standard off the shelf cakes. As a result we can not offer refunds or reimbursements for any reason whatsoever on any Build Your Own Cake orders so be sure that this is your preferred option/choice for placing this order and that in doing so you agree that all options chosen within the ordering process are your own and that we will not be held responsible for the possible change in taste, colour affects or decitions you make during the Build Your Own Cake process (although we will endevour to contact you before we begin should something not look/feel right) we are bound to creating your cake as you choose it to be designed.