Here you can upload your resume for us to view.
If you don’t know what a resume should display or methods of displaying a resume we have created a sample which you can see below the upload button.
Below that we offer you a couple of websites that offer free templates of resumes which you can fill in and then download (Hope they can help you), just click on the images to open their website up.

We at Oh La la Patisserie understand the hardships of finding a job and how stressful it can be presenting yourself in a manner that will please your potential future bosses thus why we try to your getting it right the first time as easy as possible with ease.
Remember a few points when applying for a for a job
1. Honestly in your abilities in the work place
2. Having a checkable work history
3. Speak clearly and openly about your capabilities.
4. Answer questions instantly as the truth is always easier to say than spending a few seconds thinking about what top say.
5. A bad experience in an old workplace may not always be seen as yourself being a bad person unless you make it sound that way thus always accept your past misfortunes with dignity and respect.

You may be ask to do a days trial for us to see if your skills match your resume which will usually be an unpaid day, although it only take or chef a coupe of hours or less to see if your able to do what you say you can do in your resume. Usually if our chef lets work a full day it’s because he is content with what he sees and is testing you thus considering offering you the position.
A. Pay very close attention to what your asked to do
B. Work cleanly and with positiveness of your own skills
C. Don’t rush your task but instead get it right without making any mistakes
D. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
E. Be honest if you can’t do something or have never done what your asked to do.

Our chefs are professionals and they tell right of the bat if your able to or have done something before and they don’t like or appreciate their time wasted with dishonesty. Just as you would expect to get paid every week we expect you to do the work and do the work correctly with professional attitude.

So from here all we can say is good luck with your future in job hunting and we hope we have been able to provide you with a few hits and tips to help you out, weather it be with applying for a job with us or elsewhere.

This is supposably a Free Resume Creator using templates which you can then download.

Free Resume Creators


These guys also offer a free resume creator with templates which you also download.