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Our store was created with a goal which we hope to have achieved which is to make using this website easy and excitingly tempting at the same time. Our home page images link to our galleries where you will see many other types of those cakes and sweets. Our Stay In Touch offers both upcoming events, shop front news, promotions and everything else we feel you need to know including our success stories.

Our Store is designed to make choosing products and product amounts per item real fast and simple where you can choose to keep shopping or go straight to cart and payment options.

Of cause all items purchased online must be picked up by you at our Campbelltown shop. All orders are processed (not made) within the hour of us receiving them and/or a payment confirmation has been received depending on your chosen payment option.

We offer at the moment 2 payment options which are direct bank transfer in which case you will receive our details via email w=once you complete the checkout requirements and of cause PayPal is the other payment option where you will be able to use your credit card.

The advantages of Oh La La Patisserie having an online store are quite simple, we hope it will aid in avoiding busy customers to worry about wanting a certain product and not having time to get there early enough to place your order for tomorrow, then they can hop onto their mobile phone > Tap on our home screen icon> and there your instantly ordering your item whilst shopping in Macarthur Square or at home not feeling well.

NOTE! that all online orders are for next day or later pickup not on the same day unless you have called us in advance and verified the item it still available so we can put it aside for you.

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