Overall Refund Policies

Being freshly made food products which take preperation time, Ingredients and storage into account refunds although partially acceptable they will only be made under certain circumstances and whether they are made in full or only partially will be up to the discretion of the business owner at Oh La La Patisserie.

Wether a refund is accepted/allowed will be intirely the discretion of the Oh La La Patisserie Management which will take into account the reasons why, this includes whether refunds are made in full or partially.

Depending on when a refund is requested and what the circumstances of that refund are will determine whether a refund is made in cash, whole, partially or whether a voucher is provided either in whole or partially for future use in our shop.

All refunds will be returned using the same payment method which was made at the time of the purchase which means if you paid for your item using a credit/debit card then your refund will be returned to your credit/debit card and no other way other than chosing to accept a voucher instead. NO credit/debit card payments can or will be refunded in cash! If you paid for your item in cash then you are able to receive a cash refund!

NO refunds will be accepted once the item is made whether partially or completed!

Online Refund Policies

If you purchased an item using our website and paid for it through our payment gateway then any refunds will be returned in the same manor and not in cash at our Campbelltown store.

For refunds that are refunded using a voucher you will be provided with a discount voucher code which can then be used with your next online order on our website.

NOTE! Online orders may only be refunded manually by our website Admin Staff who have access to your purchased items online account. This means to request a refund for an online purchased product you must first visit us at our campbelltown store so we can take the proper steps towards helping you with the refund process which will require you to produce some evidence of your purchase as well as other personal online account details (no not your password).

Proof Of ID Requirements are:

  1. Your Licience, which includes your name and address, must match the information on your online account.
  2. Your username so we can access your account
  3. Your Online purchase receipt as proof you are the actual purchaser of that online item.
  4. Your email address must match your accounts email address

Failure to produce the above requested forms of Proof and Identification will result in your refund request being denied.

Reasons for Full or Only Partial Refunds or Why A refund May be Refused

There are a few reasons as to why refunds can be denied/refused and although it’s never in the best interest of the requestee wanting the refund, nevertheless these reasons form part of this refund policy and will be adhered to:

  1. NO FULL REFUNDS will be given to products which are completed or are in the process of being made and depending on how far into that process the item has progressed will detremine the amount of the refund if any.
  2. Only Partial Refunds on deposits will be made on items that are already partially prepared which means: (depending on the amount of the deposit)
    • NO REFUNDS will be accepted 48hrs prior to the items requested completion date.
    • NO REFUNDS will be accepted from online purchases 72hrs proir to the items requested completion date.
  3. NO Completed Item Refunds means if for any reason you cannot pick your item up or choose to not want it anymore after the item is completed and ready to be picked up then you forfeit any and all rights to request a refund for that item as we have completed our role in making you a product which you ordered. We may however depending on the item (at the managements discretion):
    • Offer to store or freeze it for no longer than 2 weeks should the item be able to be kept that long
    • Offer a partial voucher refund of up to 50% of the value of the item for future purchases in our shop. This means the item will be disgarded (Thrown Out) by us.
    • If the item can be resold (depending on what that item is) in it’s (at the time) Current State then we may offer a voucher refund to the value of no more than 75% of the items price which can only be used at a later date in our shop. The 25% loss of value covers our costs should we not sell the item.

Orders Not Picked Up

It can happen that in some daily events or other personal unfortunate occurences that orders are fogotten and not picked up on the day or at all. This is why it is important to supply us with correct contact details when you place your order.

We will always endevour to try and contact you if we see we have an oder that hasn’t been picked up on time either via a phone number and/or email address or even using the FB messenger app if you are a member of our FB page.

If you decide you still want the item then it is your right to have it at a later date if the item can be kepted that long. NOTE; that you will receive that exact item and not a freshly made item and although we will do everything in our power to keep that item in it’s original condition till you do pick it up we will not be held responsable for any change in it’s condition over time which may mean the item may have (but is not limited to) having Dried Out, Lost/Faded in colour and appearance, distorted images and different in taste.

It is always best to contact us ASAP if you know or see you will be late or not show up at all so that we can take quick and approperiate messures into storing your item for a later date. By not contacting us and us not being able to contact you within 24hrs after the pickup date has passed means you will have forfeited any and all rights to both the item and any kind of reimbusement that might have been able to have been made on the day.

If you have any questions or quiries about this Refund Policy please use our Contact Us form or Call us using the number provided on the contact us page.