Who Can Apply For This Position

To apply here you must be a qualified Pastry Chef which means you have gone to a pastry chef technical collage and have a certificate showing you completed that course. If you do not have a certificate then you are techinally known as a labourer in this trade and as such need to apply as one.

Whether your a qualified pastry chef or a labourer you must know and understand what is involved when:

  • Working with food preperation
  • The importance of getting things done in a timely manner
  • Work clean at all times
  • Getting things right
  • Working with and respecting others at all times
  • Following orders as instructed
  • Being on time and ready to start work when your time starts not (for example) 10mins later because you need to get changed or what ever other reason.
  • Work unsupervised if nesaccary
  • Work weekends and public holidays if requested
  • Know how to work with and be prepared to work with none experienced employees

Here at Oh La La Patisserie we pride ourselves on our end product and expect nothing less than the expected end result of any product we make at all times thus we expect nothing less from any chef working for us.

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