BYOC – Sponge Based Cake

From- $38.0$185.0 Inc GST
Price Per Person $1.3$3.3

When it comes to making an occassion cake using sponge the options are absolutely endless so we will make this occassion cake a simple one for now as we will add other BYOC with complex options available in the future. On this purchase you will be creating something simuliar to what is in the image except for the size you choose if you opt for a larger size.

Follow the steps below and create your occassion cake to suit you. Prices will vary throughout the process, labour is included in the listed prices.

Please read each step carefully as you go and all fields are required, this is made that way so you don’t forget options when you submit your order, this means if you get an error message it will mean you have missed a step. Every option/step has a NO choice which must be used if you choose you don’t want any of thos choices,, this is done to ensure you have seen and read each step and which in turn tells us that you have seen and chosen not to use that option to decorate your cake.

Earn up to 185 Points.

Choose whether you would like a plain or Choc sponge. Each cake has 3 layers of sponge and 2 layers of filling.

Your cake will be in 3 layers thus it will have 2 layers of filling, Choose from the options below. Where there will be 2 choices means one of each type on each layer. Single options will be used on both layers.

This covering is on the sides and top and makes up the background of your cake design.

Sprays are used to colour the top and/or sides of cakes. In this BYOC we will offer only either the top, bottom or both as options for you to design your cake and in the next step you can choose your colour. Please choose NO COLOUR option below if you don’t want any spray.

Here you can coose the colour in which the cake will be sprayed. Please choose NO COLOUR option below if you don’t want any spray.

Side Garnishes are used to cover the side of the cake before the piping goes on. This option can only be used if you are NOT colour spraying your cake which means the top will be white. Please choose NO GARNISH ON SIDES option below if you don’t want any spray.

This is the piping on the top and bottom edge of the cake.

Would you like Piped Flowers on your cake. Flowers come in sets of 3 per corner with greenry placed around. Keep in mind the size and shape of your cake. It’s advisable to only place 1 set on round cakes but the choice is yours. Please choose NO FLOWERS option below if you don’t want any spray.

Choose which colour you would like your flowers. Please choose NO FLOWERS TO COLOUR option below if you don’t want any spray.

Let us know if you would like something written on the cake. If the answer is NO then please write the word NIL in the next step. The colour of the writing will be in line with the design which we will be chosing for you so that it works/blends well with your cakes design.

Please be sure to double check the spelling as names will be spelt the way you write it here. If NO writing is required then please write the word NIL in the text box.


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