Occassion Mud Party Pack 30

From- $273.0$245.0
Price Per Person $8.1

This Mud pack is filled with delisous rich choc goodies suited for 30 people. 1xCK size Mud or marble Mud Cake of your choice worth $65, 1kg of Sable Biscuits worth $24, 1kg Viennese Sweets worth $24, 20 Mini Cheese cake/Mousse Cups mixed choc and Strawberry worth $40, 30 mini fruit tarts worth $60 and 30 party pies and/or Sausages Rolls worth $60 totalling at $273.


Earn up to 245 Points.

Choose which type you would prefer.

Please be sure that the spelling is correct.

Knowing the gender helps us for the decoration. Not Important means the decoration will be neutral colours.

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