Cup Cakes

$42.0$105.0 Inc GST

Cup Cakes are a made to order item only by ordering them here online for the next day pickup as we don’t make these in our standard daily stock.

Choose the cup cake flavour and topping below. Note; We will only accept one flavour per dozen or more so options like Plain/choc will mean you get 2 types 50/50 of flavoured cup cakes if you ordered 18 or more cup cakes. There is no added cost for choosing options below.

Earn up to 105 Points.

If you choose only 12 cup cakes the First flavour (Plain/other) will be chosen. 

Pipped Topping is the cream used on the Cup cake which will be piped simular to the images, You can choose up to 3 colours for a multi colour affect.

Sprinkles are used on the piping as decoration

Cup Cakes can also be made as Gluten Free which add an extra cost of 30% per cup cake which adds up to about $1 per cup cake. Choosing this option with make this order Gluten Free.


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