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Corset Novelty Cake

From- $225.0 Inc GST
Price Per Person $5.6 /PPkg

This cake is a retangle cake filled with your chosen filling which then has a design of a corset decorated on top of it. Below you will find colour options to choose from.

The cake in the image is a 10″x14″ cake suited for around 35 to 40 people. NOTE! We do offer a smaller size but know that it may remove some of the corset affects in doing so although we always do our best to make our products look great.

Earn up to 225 Points.

Choose the size of cake you would like. Price will be altered accoordingly.

Choose the colour of the cake the corset is sitting on.

Choose the colour of the main corset body you would like. This is what you see in the image as being black.

Choose the colour of the corset’s decoration, This is what you see in the image as being red.

If you would like something written on the cake please specify now. For no writing please type NIL in the text box. The corset will be made a touch shorter to allow room for the writing below it.

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