10″ Pethivier’s – Galette Des Rois

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Pethivier’s also known as Galette Des Rois are a butter flaky puff pastry filled with a specially made almond mix also known as frangipani and is a very popular traditional french dessert.

Special Celebration;

La Galette Des Rois is most well known and celebrated every January to celebrate the “3 wise men” in christian religion. It is made with a token inside it and sold with a crown and who ever is served and finds that token becomes King or Queen for the night thus depending on your type of celebration will bring them epiphany and luck or you many choose to serve the king/queen for a day. There is an added cost which offers the True Galette Des Rois traditional token and crown with this order.

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Adding this option to your order will mean you accept that there will be a none matalic item usually a dry Bean or Pea within this product and that guests must be warned before biting into a piece and all possible care must be taken to find this token by each person who is served a piece and the finder is then the rightful King or Queen.
Disclaimer: By using this option you accept that Oh La La Patisserie and it’s employies take no responsibility and are in no way liable either for a refund or legally should anyone be harmed in any way shape or form from eating this token.

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