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Our 12 inch round Family Pies have become very popular for families as quick & easy family meal as alternatives to Pizza’s and other fast foods easliy making a full meal for 6 to 8 people and some say they can even get up to 10 slices depending on slice sizes cut.

The Varities can be made from any of our standard pie list range of your choice and if ordered before 10am most varities can be made for the same day. We do advise you can us for direct on 4656 4446 to place same day orders first.

NOTE: Some specilty Hot Foods are subject to availability as only so many are made daily and they can run out quite quickly. 

How to best heat up your cold Pies at Home

What is the best way to heat up a cold pie or to thaw one out before heating it up.

You may hear many others tell you to just leave your frozen pie out on the kitchen cupboard in the moring or for a few hours to let it thaw out.

NO NO NO NO NO!  that is just what you should never do as this will result in a soggy pie as well as adding to the possibility of making it go off during the day.

You should always thaw out frozen meat pies by placing them in your fridge either the day before or in the morning. This will stablize your pies tempreture down to a thawed out state without affecting it’s condition or texture.

When you are ready to reheat you pie there are a couple of methods that are available which if done correctly will bring your pie pretty close to it’s original state really for you to enjoy. 

I will explain 3 different methods which depending on how much time you have will help you enjoy your meal.

  1. OVEN; Prehet your oven to 180.c and then keeping your pie in it’s foil place it on a baking dish and into the oven for about 20 minutes or until it reaches your desired eating tempreture.
  2. Microwave; This method isn’t the greatest for keeping your pie’s pastry firm and crunchy but if your in a hurry, then it will make for a nice quick meal without rederring your pie soft and sloppy.

The trick here is how you place it in the microwave and if you follow the steps below you may just be surprised.

. Crab a plate and sit a paper towel on it which absorbs moisture well like the Viva paper towels do.

. Remove the pie from it’s foil base and place it on this paper towel unside down so the bottom of the pie is facing upwards.

. Place another paper towel on top of the pie and place it in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes depending on how hot you want it.

NOTE: that these mcrowave times may differ depending on the size and strength of your microwave.

3. Microwave & Oven Combo; This method heaps with making the meat hot faster thus not having to leave it in the oven for as lond as the first Oven option.

.Heat up you pie in the microwave as explained in the microwave option for only about 1 to one and half minutes and then return your pie into it’s foil base.

. Then place it in your preheated oven as stated above for about 10 minutes or so depending on how firm or crunchy you want your pastry to be.

You can now enjoy eating a nice crispy pie instead of a reheated soggy sloppy pie.