Before continuing with your purchase please read these important notes;
1. All orders are pickup only at our Campbelltown store
2. All online orders will be made according to your chosen options during the ordering process, so please double check your orders details before payment.
3. Please be sure to read and understand the Refund Policy (opens a new browser) before payment.
4. Orders must be picked up before closing day of the chosen date. Please refer back to question #3.
5. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions prior to making your payment.
6. Upon proceeding to the next page on checkout you will be asked to choose a Pickup Date and Time
7. NOTE! if you require any additional item changes to your cake which where not mentioned or provided as options whilst chosing your order details then PLEASE do not place or pay for your order here online. For any item which isn’t listed on our website it is better for you and us if you either call us or come to our shop personally.
8. All Online orders must only be due for pickup no less than one week after the payment date if choosing the Bank Deposit Payment Option. This is because banks can take up to 5 working days for your payment to have cleared into our account. An uncleared payment means and stands for an unpaid item.

9. Paypal payments can befor same day pickup if order is palced before 10am.

10. If you have any douts questions about placing this order using our online services then please either call use NOW or don’t continue with is online ordering process.

11. Not only is our payment gateway totally secure but so is our whole website, so you can be assured that every action you take using our website is totally protected and encrypted through our HTTPS (S) meaning secure website protocol.

Picking Up Your Orders

Every order requires you to either register an account with us when paying OR if you are a returning customer then logging in so keep your password in a safe place and don’t give it out to anyone. It is important that the registration details match your licience details so we can verify you to your account/purchase should there be any issues with {for example} lost copy of your order or payment issues. Using a real email address is also extremely important as you will receive a copy of your order and payment receipt via email which must be produced when you pick your item up, without this it will make it difficult for you to pick your item up especially if no details match your account and unfortunately if no proof of who you are matches your online account details and order copies then there is a chance you will not get your order.

You will also be able to log into your dashboard anytime to download or view your order, finialise payments if you chose a deposit option, to re-order the same product in the future as well as control all your account details within your dashboard.

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