Employment Opportunities

As Oh La La Patisserie grows we will constantly be looking for new employee’s to aid in our production and hostess services thus why we have made it easy for those looking for work by including a employment registration process on our website which can be found in our footer at the bottom of each page.

If your looking for work and have an interest in this field then please use our service and apply.

Our job require persons of many skills as I will list below as there are many types of tasks that need doing daily.

  • Experienced Pastry Chef – this is a chef that knows the in’s and out’s of the making, baking and finishing pastry products.
  • Labour – This is a chef which never went to tech/university to learn this trade but has worked in a particular area of this trade for a number of years.
  • Cleaner – is a person who does nothing but keep the kitchen clean, washes dishes, floors, walls, tables, shelves etc etc making sure everything is clean as the chefs need them.
  • Customer Service- As a customer service person your duties will not consist soling of serving customers. Your tasks will involve keeping the shop clean, restocking of cakes and sweets, prep work out the back, packing & wrapping of products for sale as well as helping with cleaning duties in the kitchen or any other duties passed on to you by the head chef. Serving customers means always being polite, respectful and most of all always greeting every customer with a smile no matter how your feeling, weather your ill or having a bad day, the customers always come first.

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