Qualified Pastry Chef Jobs

Pastry Chefs

Are you an experienced Pastry Chef looking for work. Whether it be full time, part time or just casual work your after we may have a position for you depending on your skills.

If you have completed a Pastry Course and are passionate about your work on a daily bases and would like the opportunity of becoming an Oh La La Pastry Chef learning our own methods and skills then click on this ad to apply.

If your into introducing and creating new products and appreciate the fine arts of precise cooking and decorating then you might be what we are looking for.

customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service is the upmost most important role into building a amazing successful business and at Oh La La Patisserie we take serving our customers with respect and dignity day in day out whether your in a good or bad mood and/or not feeling well. Having a smiling and bubbly respectful personality is key to returning customers which is why when we choose you to work for us it will be because you have those traits within you and how you present yourself from the first instance will determine your future with us.

If your interested in customer service being your future then click on the image above to proceed to your job application.

Want To Be An Apprentice Pastry Chef.

If your passionate about wanting to becoming a pastrychef then first of all please read this guide on the pros and cons of becoming a pastrychef (Pay attention to this clip) and then if your still interested come back here and place your application with Oh La La Patisserie.

If you have the willingness to learn and can accept criticism on many levels for the smallest things, don’t mind starting from the bottom doing things like cleaning, washing up, packing and pretty much the crappy jobs us chefs find a waste of time in a rush environment then becoming a great pastry chef could be your calling.

Students Work Experience

There is nothing like work experience for young school leavers and the Australian Education department truely came to the table with a positive attitude the day they decided to introduce year 10, 11 and 12 students the ability to actually take part in real life work experience within a real-time workplace environment and here at Oh La La Patisserie we welcome the opportunity to be able to provide these young students with a safe educational workplace so they can not only see but actually get first hand, hands-on experience at what it feels like to be part of a trade that not only is satifying to one’s self when creating amazing cakes and pastries but feel first hand what’s it’s like to have customers really and truely appreciate what you have created and there is no better feedback anywhere than a returning customer. Click on the image above to fill in our application form to secure your Work Experience Slot now.

After Work As Kitchen Cleaner?

If your wanting work as a cleaner within a commercial kitchen which means your prepared to wash dishes, scrub floors and walls, clean benches, shelves and most of all keep our kitchen spotless then you have come to the right place.

Cleaning can be dirty job at times but it’s a nesaccary one which plays an important role into the chefs being able to do their work correctly. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty keeping our kitchen spotless then please click on the image above and fill in the application form.

Who Can Apply Here and Why

Those who are welcome here to apply are people who are honestly looking for work because they want a future. If your just filling in this form for the purposes of centerlink for your job search requirements but aren’t interested in actually working then this isn’t the place for you.

Here at Oh La La Patisserie! we pride ourselves in being a professional establishment offering everyone an equally fair opportunity without any discrimination whatsoever as we are only interested in your ability to be able to do the job/task your applying for no matter the race, gender or age of the applicant.

The requirements that you need to meet before applying are as listed below:

  • Want to work
  • You are always on time
  • Can work in a team enviroment
  • Can accept work related critisum without taking it personally
  • Can do your job/task with or without supervision (unless your an apprentice of course)
  • Can work odd and/or long hours as requested
  • Can work public holidays and weekends if requested
  • Work cleanly and respect food preperation regulations at all times
  • Don’t work with your mobile phone next to you
  • Turn in clean work uniform daily and prepared towear hats and hair-nets if required

We Don’t Accept

If you fall into any of these below categories then please do not waste both OUR and your time filling in applications here;

So if you are

  1. Not willing to work
  2. Not able to arrive to work on-time
  3. Always calling in sick
  4. Not able to work weekends and/or holiday’s when requested
  5. Always on your mobile phone
  6. Filling in Job Search Requirements to meet quota’s
  7. Unable to follow instructions
  8. Not whole heartly enjoying this type of work

Then please DO NOT apply here at Oh La La Patisserie for a job.