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Here at Oh La La Patisserie, we aim to helping making your online experience a great one which is why we have introduced a new reward feature for all our online uses which means you can purchase cakes directly from our website and earn rewards for future purchases thus meaning you could potencially save on every future purchase.


You earn points for every purchase you make which you can either accumulate them till you have earned enough to purchase using those saved points meaning you get a free cake of your choice or you could keep saving them for one of those special occassions that’s come once a year. Not many Patisserie’s offer you one of those for FREE I’m am sure.

Or for those frequent online users who would rather save a little on each purchase everytime they place an order then using your reward points at checkout for each purchase is also possible thus reducing the payable amount each time.

NO! reward points can’t be redeemed for cash or used anywhere else other than to purchase and save on our website. They also can’t be used directly in our shop as these rewards are purely for online users.

So Checkout our shop and see what’s on offer and start earning amazing savings on future products.

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