Who Should Apply A For Customer Service Job

Customer Service is also known as retail service which means dealing with and helping customers. With oh La La Patisserie this means serving food to customers which in turn requires a more delicate method of handling food at all times in front of customers.

If your applying for this customer service position you are either experienced in handling food in a retail enviroment or are wanting to learn how to serve customers in the retail industry which will include handling food.


If your experienced with handling food when serving customers and you are looking for work then read the below requirements before applying:

  • You must have a valid Food Handlers Certificate
  • Respest customers at all times no matter how rude they are to you.
  • Understand and speak fluent english. Speacking a second language is always an advantage.
  • Working Cleanly at all times
  • Turn up for work on time
  • Be able to work weekends and public holidays if requested
  • Handle food in a proper manor at all times
  • Be able to greet customers cheerfuly no matter what your mood
  • Keep the counters and displays clean at all times
  • Be dressed in uniform if required or neat and proper/respectful dress wear

No Experience

If you have no experience in serving customers or you have experience in the retail industry but have never handled food then to Oh La La Patisserie you have no experience in our type of customer service which means handling food, then your applying for this position as a beginner, not as an experienced customer service employee. You will be required to obtain a Food Handlers Certificate Prior To appling for this position.

It is now a legal requirement for all food handlers working in customer service to obtain a Food Handlers Certificate which means you will need to do a short online course in one of the accepted NSW food Safety Sites to obtain one as will be required to provide it when you are interviewed. We use The Australian Institute of Food Safety which is a recognised organisation. when starting out your Food Handlers Card is at your own expense.

Below is sample of what a Food Handler Card looks Like.

When you have worked with us for 12 months or more, Oh La La Patisserie Pty Ltd will pay for the Food Handlers Certificate renewal each year.

These cards must be kept either with you or on the premises at all times and shown upon request by customers and Food Safety inspectors. We advise this be kept on the premises at all times whilst you are employed by Oh La La Patisserie as not having it with you will mean you cannot work on the premises.

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