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Christmas Hamper Special

Oh La La Patisserie has 3 hamper giveaways for Christmas this year.

Receive a free ticket into the draw with every $50 spent in our store, 1 Ticket may also be given to our daily customers.

There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can enter into the draw.

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Terms & Conditions

Tickets are given for all purchases instore and orders made for pickup on or before the 24th December 2021.

1 ticket is given for every $50 spent which means if you place an order or make a purchase with for example cost $160.00 you with receive 3 free tickets into the draw and if you come in another day and spend say $75.00 you will receive another 2 tickets as there is no limit to the amount of tickets an individual can enter into the our Christmas Hamper Giveaway.

Our staff may also give our daily loyal customers a ticket as will at their discretion.

By entering entering you accept to provide your name and contact number on each ticket for the purposes of being contacted on the day of the draw.

The draw will be drawn on the 23rd December at 3pm by 3 randomly selected customers in our store at 3pm on the day and the winners contacted that same hour via the number provided on the ticket and given till 7pm the next day to pickup their Christmas Hamper. Should that number become disconnected, be turned off or no exist then a new ticket will be drawn to replace that prize winner.

Each draw is final and each prize is as provided in the details below.

  1. First Prize Hamper consists of: 1 Large Buche De Noel, 1 Gingerbread House, 12 individual christmas puddings, 12 small fruit mince tarts and 12 gingerbread cookies. Prize Valued at $269.00
  2. Second Prize: 1 medium Buche De Noel, 1x1kg Christmas Pudding, 6 Fruit Mince Tarts, 6 Gingerbread cookies and 6 small Christmas Puddings. Valued at $151.00
  3. Third Prize: 1 Gingerbread House and 1x1kg Christmas Pudding. Prize valued at $100.00

Prizers are to be picked up by 7pm on the 24th December 2021 “Christmas Eve”. Any prizes not picked up will be forfeited by the winner and not available for pickup after the 24th December 2021 at 7pm.

Each winner of the Buche De Noel will be asked upon contact which flavour they would like but in the event a winner cannot be contacted and they don’t get back to us the Buche De Noel flavours can be chosen by each winner on the day from what ever stock is availble but should we start to run out then our staff will save a flavour for the prizes.

Prizes are NOT transferable into cash or vouchers, nor can they be exchanged for our products.

Prizes are final as they are and should a winner of a Christmas Hamper choose not to want thier prize or anypart of it then that prize will be provided as it without the products the winner chooses not to want without replacing items to make up the dollar amount of that prize.

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