Things To know Before Filling This Form Out

Providing us with as many details as possible towards your application in wanting to do an Apprenticeship with Oh La La Patisserie will greatly help us with our decision making.

By filling this form out to be an apprentce means you fully understand the requirements, duties and expectations of what is expected of you during an apprenticeship. Below we will list a few important facts that are to be expected of you whilst an apprentice.

  • Firstly and most importantly is being able to follow instructions given to you whether those instructions are to your liking or not and/or have you doing something you like or not.
  • You must want to do this type of work with your heart and not because you feel you have to or because you feel your are forced to. This will make all the difference not only to the end result of your product but also to whether you become an extrodenary Pastry Chef in the future earning great wages or just another average chef earning award wages for the rest of your life.
  • Being able to start work on time everyday which means that a start time is the time your expected to be dressed and ready to start work and not the time you arrive at work and then spend 10 plus minutes getting ready/changed.
  • Working on weekends and public holidays no matter what those days are can be extremely common in this field and no excuses are acceptable for not being able to work on those days.
  • Every apprentice needs to start at the bottom and grow according to thier abilites and work apptitue and as such Accepting without complaint or whinging to do dirty work like washing dishes, scrubbing floors/walls, washing tables and keeping the kitchen clean are going to play an important role in your starting months and although these tasks will always be aprt of your working career, when dealing with food products they become an extremely important daily factor in food preperation and how you handle those tasks will determine how fast you move on to being able to handle food yourself.
  • Everyone makes mistakes when working with recipes and food and as such very commonly those having made a mistake feel the need to “LIE” about it and or “HIDE” it. This becomes an even worse and bigger mistake than the mistake itself. So being instantly honest there and then when an error and/or mistake is made will make all the difference between how a professional chef reacts to you having made that mistake. Honesty is extremely important at all times whether good or bad and if bad then learn to accept the concequenses with dignity and respect at all times. This will help you not only in your working career but in your personal life as well.

An Apprentice is like an extention of a professional chefs arm who does all the running around and nit bits that wastes a chefs time, a chef completely relys on an apprentice to do as they are asked without negative feedback or whinging. An Apprentice that can be relied on is an apprentice that will always be well respected as well as being an apprentice that will go long way up in the ranks in thier career.

Professional Pastry Chefs love nothing more than to teach an apprentice in becoming a great chef themselves one day as they see this opportunity as being a legacy in their career and when they get hold of an apprentice which is whole heartly into learning and wanting to do good work at all times then that chef will always want to teach them everything they know with pleasure.

So “NOTE” how you present yourself at work, react/respond to commands, do and complete a tasks will always reflect how you are tought and as a result what type of Pastry Chef you become in the future.

Please be sure before filling out this form that this is the type of work you want to choose as your career meaning you have fully read and completely understood the above mentioned fatcs as we love our work and take tremendous pride in what we do and expect any apprentices who want a career as a Pastry Chef with Oh La La Patisserie to feel the same way.