Aduly Novelty Cakes

We have a new category which displays adult cakes which are commonly bought for 18th and 21st birthdays and bucks nights but these adult cakes can not be seen in within our normal shop because they are protected by an age restriction limit which means you need to be over 18yrs to view and order these types of cakes.

If your interested in ordering adult cakes which aren’t offered in our online shop we suggest you visit us at our campbelltown store so we can discuss the details of your chosen design.

Age restrictions are in place to warn and hopefully prevent minors form viewing adult content on websites and as such creating these types of cakes puts us in this need to warn/protect as much as we can category of online retailers offering such products.

Although every attempt possible is made to prevent minors from accessing such material there are always those that will find a work around which is why it is strongly suggested that parents help protect their kids from viewing such material online by using the many different parental controls available to them throughout the internet and within each browser setting, computer and personal devices.

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