About Deliveries

Oh La La Patisserie is only a new business and before we engage into doing deliveries we want a chance to see which direction this aspect of the business leads us to as well as what delivery options and prices can be offered trying to keep the cost down as much as possible. I mean you wouldn’t want to be paying a 20 dollar delivery fee for a product you purchased for only $45 would you now and for us to have a driver on standby would mean these kinds of delivery costs and more depending on how far you are.

So at this current moment we are not doing deliveries and all our online orders are Pickup at our store in Campbelltown only at this point of time. Although we are looking into how Uber and other delivery system works and how they charge and if they will deliver our types of products although it will be risky as they will need a refrigerated vehicle to transport cakes in thus making more difficult to outsource exterior delivery drivers on call.

But we are working on it and it will eventually come into action as for us it is an important aspect of our business to be able to provide a delivery system which will help our costumers when they need to use this service.

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